The Population Health Record (PopHR) Project – Enabling the Intelligent use of Clinical and Administrative Data to Improve Population Health

Pr David Buckeridge, M.D., Ph. D., Université McGill

Rapid increases in data availability and computing capacity continue to expand the potential for enhancing our understanding and management of population health. The challenge remains, however, to use new data and technologies in manner that improves population health outcomes. This presentation will describe the Population Health Record (PopHR) research program, which aims to develop new informatics methods for monitoring population health and to evaluate the effect of these methods in practice settings. In close collaboration with public health and health system partners, we have developed a ‘Big Data’ platform that uses artificial intelligence to integrate indicators calculated from multiple data sources and present indicators to users in manner that is consistent with biomedical knowledge. This research has included developing new indicators and statistical methods to measure important health concepts and creating intelligent software interfaces to communicate indicators to different stakeholders. We are currently implementing this platform in the province of Quebec and Canada-wide and will soon be evaluating the uptake and use of the PopHR in different settings.